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How to Choose Flowers for Your Garden

You are planning to create your own garden but you don’t know which flowers to choose? You are on the right place since this article will give you some great tip about how to choose flowers for your garden in order to transform it into a relaxing, tranquil oasis.

Gardens provide us with a wonderful visual and olfactory experience that helps us to recreate and recharge our batteries after a long, tiring day. Fabulous smells and eye delighting colors guide us into a serene place that is free from the noises of the crowded city. A wonderful, dreamy garden is a land of green plants and flowers, a place where you can enjoy silence and nature.

How to Select Flowers for Your Garden

How to Select Flowers for Your Garden
When you are thinking about the way to arrange your garden, the first thing you should consider is the type of the garden you want to create. You have to think about how much space can you designate for flowers and the quality of soil, because it is essential for having wonderful flowers.

  • Another important factor is temperature. The climate of the place is crucial, since it determines the type of flowers you are going to choose. They willl either have to survive harsh winters or extremely hot summers.
    If you live in a place with tropical, mediterranean or temperate weather, you can opt for a large variety of colorful flowers, such as chrysanthemum, hibiscus, different types of roses, marigolds and lots of other types, even sunflower which will create a fun, sunny atmosphere in your garden. However, if you live in a place with cold climate, roses are wonderful options. If rains are very frequent in the area where you live, you should consider purchasing flowers such as colorful orchids.

  • The next major thing when picking flowers, is to think about whether you want a single type of plant to dominate your garden or if you want it to look more varied. Some people favor only one type of flower and opt for different varieties of the same plant. Others like to plant two or three types of flowers to make it look more colorful and exciting. A good idea is to arrange the flowers in certain color schemes that gradually fade from one side to the other. This way you can create a really tasteful garden, which is worth of envy.

  • If you choose annual plants, such as marigold or petunias, these will bloom in one season and are generally killed by the frost, at the end of autumn, as winter sets in. However, in places with milder climate, annuals can even grow during winter as well. In order to create a colorful garden in spring or fall months, you can opt for some wonderful cold season annuals like viola, pansies, and stock, dianthus, forget-me-not, ornamental kale or calendula.
    Similarly, you can pick some wonderful warm season annual flowers such as petunia, impatiens, geranium or marigold that will serve as perfect decorations for your garden from spring to late fall.

  • When you are buying plants, the best option is to shop for seedlings, as they are more practical than seeds, which need a long time until the actual plants grows out.
    Seedlings can be purchased in small packs from flower nurseries or garden centers. However, before buying, examine them well, in order to make sure that the plant is fresh and healthy. Avoid those, which have many dry, limp or yellow leaves and brown roots and choose instead those with fresh, green leaves and mainly unopened flowers.

  • When you are arranging the flower seedlings in your garden, make sure that you find a perfect place according to the type of plants. Pay attention to annuals, which generally favor areas with full sun, while other types, such as begonias and impatiens prefer shady places in order to bloom to their fullest.

  • Perennials, such as salvias, daylilies or geraniums are wonderful choices if you want to have the same flowers for years. These flowers usually die back in the winter period but revive with the arrival of spring. Other types of perennials maintain their green leaves even during the winter period. Buy them in small pots and plant them preferably in early springtime or early autumn. Similarly to annual plants, when buying perennials pay attention to choose healthy, green plants that will serve as perfect decorations for the beautiful design of your garden.

  • Following the above tips, you will be able to pick the best flowers that will bring life into your whole garden, transforming it into a fabulous, colorful oasis.

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